"Jill Whalen -- The SEO Bitch"


This site is dedicated to exposing the often erroneous and false
information she preaches about Search Engine Optimization.

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The SEO Bitch

The first thing we want to say is that we did not coin the phrase SEO Bitch. Jill Whalen in her prideful arrogance, dubbed herself with that moniker. She registered a web site by that name and used it to practice and demonstrate her bitchiness. We will publish some excerpts from that power trip in this web site.

However, as repugnant as her arrogance is, the main purpose of this site is to expose the false claims and the bad advice that Jill Whalen, the SEO Bitch is perpetrating upon those seeking her advice and assistance in learning and understanding the practice of Search Engine Optimization.

We can only assume that her clients are also deceived and misled with this same erroneous version of SEO that Jill Whalen, the SEO Bitch, practices.